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So having moved back in to Loughborough after 15 years and having the luxury of restaurants and take-aways on our doorstep we have decided that Friday night is take-away night. After Domino’s Pizza last week we were going to try this new place in Loughborough but decided we would head down there and eat in – we are only five minutes from the town centre.

The flyer for Gourmet Capsule – Continental Eatery came through the door and was very different and mildly intriguing – enough information to interest you but not enough to fully understand the concept – hence our decision to visit. The owner used to cook at Stapleford Park and has now decided to open his own concept in Loughborough town.

We were taken to our table by a very helpful waitress and shown menus and a drinks menus. Disappointingly for a Friday night meal out (with our 13 year old daughter) we were advised that alcohol was not available for several reasons, the main reason being that with an encouraged “family friendly” environment they did not want people “a bit worse for wear” in their restaurant around children. Mmm… I can’t remember the last time I got in that state over a bottle of wine with a bit of dinner on a Friday night with my children.

On to the food.. the crisps and dips came out in a bath of smoking dry ice which was a great novelty which Imogen loved. (They had had to scrap the liquid nitrogen after the nightclub incident elsewhere a week or two before).

The main courses were very varied and each one comes in a egg-like metal capsule. There is everything from a Moroccan style lamb cous-cous biriyani , meatballs in arrabbiata sauce, slow cooked traditional beef stew with veg to a selection of curries.

We ordered five dishes between 3 with some bread and it was just enough. I’d recommend two dishes each for normal appetites. The Mumbai chicken tikka massala was very tasty (Imogen’s favourite!), the Bangladesh lamb bhuna was very spicy, the Thai red beef curry was full of flavour but slightly chewy, the shredded duck in black bean sauce was a little sweet but nonetheless flavoursome and the Nasi Goreng fried rice was my  favourite. We were brought chunky chips as a free extra which was a nice gesture.

Imogen wanted pudding so ordered a lemon tart with chocolate ice cream – both nice but not sure about them together.

If we’d had a bottle of wine we might have stayed longer but with the prospect of another lemonade we headed off. It is well worth a visit for the experience and flavours and the bill was great value (without wine!) so see for yourself what you think. They also deliver take-away for just £1.

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