Bonfire Night Menu Ideas

With both Halloween and Bonfire Night fairly close together,these ideas should suit both occasions!

With winter finally setting in you want to have some easy, warming, hearty ideas to liven up your party and that will please both adults and children, without taking up all of your precious socialising time – you want to have fun too!

A large tasty pot of chilli con carne is always a safe bet which can be served either with fresh crusty bread, crunchy jacket potatoes or rice and sour cream.  You could also serve up stuffed potato skins (cook as usual jackets; take from the oven, split, scoop out the filling, mix with grated cheese, butter and bacon; replace the filling, sprinkle with cheese then cook for a further 10 minutes – delicious!).

A hearty pumpkin soup or butternut squash soup is also a cost effective way of warming your guests and could be served in disposable cups, to be drunk around the bonfire.

Another favourite are traditional bangers – sometimes served with chilli beans or in rolls as hot dogs. Why not, this year for a change, cook your sausages in the oven with sliced onions (until crispy) then serve in tortilla wraps with chilli jam or ketchup – this saves on the washing up and can feed a really large crowd if needed.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows are always a winner for the children. Enjoy!


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